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Custom Mirror

Commission:  Custom Mirror

Steve Tomas was so pleased with his Pool Room Bar, that he decided to add a Mirror to the wall above it. We designed a Custom Arts and Crafts inspired White Oak Mirror Frame.

Design and Construction: we decided to Utilize Quarter Sawn White Oak for Strength since a Mirror of this Size will weigh more than 60 pounds. To add strength 3.5″ Through Tenons were chosen and the penetrate the vertices members fully. The joints were then fitted with square pegs of North American Cherry in a Diamond Configuration.
Custom Mirror Corner Close up

The finish is 4 coats of Watco Oil and Black Bison Wax.

Custom Mirror Varnish drying

There is no flex in this Mirror Frame even with the 60# of 1/4″ mirror glass installed

Custom Mirror Finished


This is the finished Custom Mirror

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