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Curiosity Case

Commission:  Build a Book Case for a Financial Planner. Eric Riggins is an Independent Financial Planner Running a Ameriprise Financial Group in Worcester, MA. For full disclosure he does my planning. He promised that when I went into my second career full time he would commission a piece. Well I wanted to make him a Grandfather’s Clock but he said there would be no one to remember to wind it. We settled on a Bookcase. Then we noticed that he did not own any books… Damn this technological age! So we settled on a Curiosity Cabinet. Being an avid golfer and baseball fan we were certain that he could fill it in no time.

Materials and Construction: the Case Proper is made from 6/4 solid Black Walnut. The 8 internal individual boxes are finger jointed black walnut planed to 3/8″ thickness. They are not secured in the box to allow for rearrangement as his collection dictates. The Valence is Han carved Black Walnut with a vine carved up each side and a Gothic “R” initial carved at the center for his last Initial. The base is solid White Oak and there is a reduced 5/4 support under the Case to give the illusion that the Case is Floating. the Finish is 4 coats of modified Tung Oil and Black Bison Wax.

There is a movie close up of the finished Carving here…. 

The Pictures do not do the Project Justice. But you can see it in person at Eric’s office. He would be happy to review your investments while you are there for a look.

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