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Appleton Custom Mantle

Commission: Appleton Custom Mantle

The Client wanted a Special solid beam to be placed on their newly rock faced fireplace. After months of searching for just the right beam, we decided to fabricate something beautiful and original from boards that would look like a solid beam yet be hollow.

Materials and Crafting:
We were able to locate an 8/4 Western Red Cedar board with a sweeping grain pattern. The board was milled flat and smooth. Next, to get the wrap on the ends correct, a special blade was modified so that when mitering the ends a minimum amount of material would be lost. This resulted in a perfect grain match at the corners. A decorative edge of Black Walnut was added to the top and bottom during glue up and pegged into place to add beauty and strength to the joints.

The Stone Mason, Paul Starzec Masonry, ¬†left 2- 4×4 timbers protruding from the fireplace at my specified location. We milled Fir timbers to construct a solid frame that was straight and level and only 1/8″ undersized of the inside of our box beam.

At installation the box beam was three dimensionally scribed to the rock profile in stages for a perfect fit all around.

The Mantle is finished with a Custom plead of oils.

The top is added to the face and sides of the Box. You can see the mounting frame on saw horses in the background.

Box is complete, waiting for pegs.


Front View of Mantle. Stunning.


Side view grain match and pegs.


Perfectly scribed to the stone. The joints of the box and the surface of the edge detail were hand scraped to obtain a perfectly level surface.


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