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This is a Sample piece we use for shows. Primarily due to it’s size so it is easy to transport. When not at shows, my wife has commandeered it for a little spot in our entry. This table can be scaled up to fit behind a couch or love seat. It can also be scaled to make a beautiful hall table.

It is constructed of Rift and Quarter sawn White Oak. The tenons are pegged with White Oak. The 3/4″ thick top has a 1/2″ bevel making it look lighter and more fancy. The legs have a full inside taper. We can provide a myriad of stretcher designs for the legs and the table can be made from any species of wood you desire.

The finish on the sample is 3 coats of Watco Oil and Black Bison Wax.

Why not let Lemay Custom Furniture Craft a Custom Table for you. Destined to be a Family Heirloom, we can make anything from a Side Table, Hall Table,Dining Table and Chairs to a Conference Table for your office.

Where my lovely Bride has chosen to place the Sample Table. Not too sure about the current basket of wooden eggs that currently adorns it though…


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