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Antique Repairs and Reproductions

Antique Repairs and Reproductions

Lemay Custom Furniture also repairs and refurbishes Fine Furniture and Antiques.

These Cherry and Tiger Maple Chairs were made Custom for a Client by a Family Friend of theirs. Although the chairs were beautiful, they took a pounding from teenagers rocking on them over the years and all the joints had failed.

We completely disassembled each chair, repaired and shimmed the loose joints, and then reassembled the chairs using time proven methods. This included using liquid Hide Glue which remains flexible under load and then pinned every Tenon with Rock Maple pins, ensuring that they will stay tight for generations to come. All surfaces were sanded removing all signs of wear. Then 3 coats of modified Tung Oil were applied. Followed by 2 coats of Black Bison Wax.

Beauty is more than Skin Deep. Please Contact Lemay Custom Furniture if you are having problems with any of your fine furniture or antiques. In many cases we can make them as good or better than new. This Client was considering throwing these beautiful chairs away. For less than the cost of crafting one New chair we were able to make them better than when they were new.

…and that is my Apprentice, Matt…. Hard at work vacuuming up steel wool after giving each chair a full rub down preparing for another coat of modified Tung Oil.


Commission: Singer sewing Machine Table Top

The Client requested a period correct top for their refurbished Cast Iron Singer Sewing Machine Base.

Materials: The top is solid North American Cherry. It is crafted all from the same board to keep the grain and texture consistent. The selected board had beautiful grain with embedded blood streaking. The ends are fastened with slip tenons and no glue. They are held in place with draw pegs which will allow the top to expand and contact with changes in humidity. Pegs and inserts are Black Walnut. The edge detail is a reverse Ogee with custom taper. The finish is 4 coats of custom blended Tung Oil and Black Bison Wax.

Let us custom Design and Craft something for you that will last many lifetimes.

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