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About Michael Lemay  and his Hand Made Custom Furniture Journey

My passion for wood working, which ultimately lead to heirloom hand made furniture, began when I was a kid.  Fine word working is truly a passion for me, and beyond my wife and daughter, the true constant in my life.  Although I officially opened Lemay Custom Furniture in June 2013, after spending 28 years in various engineering and sales positions,  I have received commissions to make heirloom furniture for most of my adult life.  It is time to pursue my passion full time, and with your support, I can make a living at it!

Why make Furniture? Well I caught the bug when I was four or five years of age and my Grandfather taught me how to sharpen tools. As a machinist and tool maker he knew the value of having sharp tools whether cutting wood metal or plastic. He ended his career as a Model Maker and had built a working model of the first Nuclear Reactor at his last job. I was in awe with the ease that he cut material perfectly square and chip free every time. He made me a Cassette Tape Storage Case that I still have today. It still functions perfectly. Although the tapes are a little out of date…


In college I studied Architecture. Although the building part interested me, the design and finish interested me more. This lead me to home remodeling and fixing problems. Whether building staircases or suspending floors from roofs rather than putting a column in the middle of a living room. The Engineer in me was always hard at work.

Building Custom pieces for others was a natural extension of what I was doing for myself. However, you had to be a patient customer as my ‘real job’ had me traveling all around the country and the world. Pieces could take two years to finish.

So… Here we are today. We recently completed our first year in business. And unlike so many others, we made a profit, got to big to work out of the basement, moved to a 6,600 sq ft manufacturing spot in an old mill in Charlton, MA, bought a bunch of new to us equipment and a used van to move our tools to and from built-in job sites.

It has been a good year and a lot of hard work. Many thanks to my Wife of 33 years, Celeste, for standing by me, doing my books and being my biggest cheerleader. She is now the Primary Bread Winner…

So, now we are expanding our presence on the Web. You can follow us here or on Facebook at the same address. My favorite posts are always… What we made this week. Take a look and see if it gives you any ideas for a piece you might like.

This is what we promise. We will make you something no one else has. It will last many lifetimes and will appraise for much more than you pay for it. It will be made from only the finest sustainably harvested woods from around the world. Lastly, and most importantly… You will love it!

Michael Lemay

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